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Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, summer is almost constant during the all year, which means you can sail 365 days a year.

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Some, consider Cape Verde as Europe’s Caribbean, with one important advantage:  NO hurricanes (one small scale, every 50 years)

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In Cape Verde there is ALWAYS:
  • Enough wind to sail (Alwaysailing)
  • Both, calm and rough seas (at choice)
  • Good anchorages
  • Perfect climate all year around (moderate temperature, mostly sunny, no rain)
  • Unpolluted, warm sea water
  • Abundant sea life
  • Party atmosphere
  • Political stability and social peace

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Cape Verde, and the island of Sal, in particular, is one of the top places in the world to spend holidays, any time of the year.

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Santa Maria is located in the bay of Santa Maria, South of Sal island, where you find beautiful white sand beaches, all nautical sports, land excursions, 5 star hotels,  good restaurants, and an intense night life, filled with music and dance.

The island of Sal is becoming an important touristic destination. Many hotels are being built:  Hilton (with the first casino of Cape Verde), Melià, RIU, Thomas Cook, Decameron, etc.  As well as a new port, in Palmeira, to receive large cruiser liners.

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Weather report

Cape Verde is located in the Trade Winds’ Atlantic zone, which means, wind blows always from Northeast, throughout the all year, but with different intensities.  In summer, the average speed is 11 knots.  In winter, the average speed is 15 knots.  Trade winds never go over 25 knots.

At ALWAYSAILING, we postpone sailing trips when winds reach 20 knots, once our goal is to offer the most pleasurable sailing excursion.

The best months to visit Cape Verde are:  June, July, August, September, October and November.  Softer winds, warmer sea water, and clear atmosphere (deep blue skies and good visibility)

There is a “rainy season”, in August and September.  Some years, the “rainy season” is one day!